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Sound healing/Acutonics is a powerful healing technique grounded in Oriental medicine, science, psychology and sound healing principals. This non-invasive medical approach utilizes therapeutic sound waves resonating from precision-calibrated tuning forks.The tuning forks are placed on acupuncture points and are used both on and around the body.  

For decades tuning forks have been used in Western medicine for neurological testing and fracture assessment however their use in an Acutonics treatment is much more extensive.  Healing vibrations from these specialized tuning forks work at the cellular level and help restore the body to it’s balanced state of health and well being.

Although acupuncture points are used, Acutonics differs from acupuncture in its use of gentle, sound vibration rather then invasive needles.  Sound therapy works at the ceIlular level to promote deep healing.  Its use of sound also differentiates it from other complimentary alternative medical therapies such as chiropractic and massage.

Over the past decade many clients have reported significant health improvements.  Sound healing can be highly effective in manifesting positive changes in your health, energy and well being.

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